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Pickleball, the fastest growing sport in the world, revolutionizes Malaga with the full opening of the Pickleball Europe Club. Located in the heart of the Costa del Sol, this newly created club has quickly become the leading reference for enthusiasts and new players. With top-notch facilities, a wide range of exciting activities and a commitment to the community, Pickleball Europe Club is set to redefine the pickleball experience in Europe. Let’s take a closer look at all that this new club has to offer around pickleball.

First of all, its facilities, with first class courts exclusively dedicated to pickleball. For new players the club offers a rental service of paddles for those who wish to try pickleball without committing to buy the equipment. They also have an on-site store with the best references in paddles on the market. Court rentals are very competitively priced, and can be booked online through the popular app Playtomic. 

Pickleball Europe club also offers different activities related to this new sport from the United States, initiatives that aim to make it known to all audiences and ages. among them we can mention:

Pickleball for Schools and Institutes

Pickleball Europe Club has placed great emphasis on introducing pickleball to a wider public. Its extensive program of school activities enables school and high school students to discover the sport. By incorporating pickleball into the physical education curriculum, the club aims to promote an active and healthy lifestyle among young people. In addition, the club organizes camps and workshops, fostering a love of pickleball among children during the vacations. Through these initiatives, the club aims to nurture the next generation of pickleball players, while cultivating the values of sportsmanship and healthy living associated with pickleball.

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Team Building for Companies

Recognizing the value of pickleball as a team building tool, Pickleball Europe Club offers different tailor-made events for companies. These Team Building activities not only provide a unique and fun experience for employees, they aim to promote collaboration and communication in a dynamic and engaging environment.

Social Work

Beyond the courts, the club is actively involved in various social initiatives. Working with different groups, they promote pickleball as an inclusive sport that transcends age and fitness level. By partnering with local organizations, the club aims to create opportunities for social interaction and integration through pickleball.

Pickleball School and Instructors Training

For those looking to hone their pickleball skills or become certified instructors, the Pickleball Europe Club has a pickleball school and training program for instructors and teachers. With experienced instructors, they offer courses to suit players of all levels, from beginners looking to master the fundamentals to advanced players looking to improve their strategy and technique. These training programs are designed to ensure that the pickleball community in Malaga continues to grow and prosper.

The Pickleball Revolution in Malaga

Pickleball Europe Club has arrived in Malaga to lead the revolution of the sport in Spain and Europe, in one of the most dynamic and international regions of Europe. With its state-of-the-art facilities, inclusive approach to the sport and commitment to the community, this club promises an unparalleled pickleball experience for enthusiasts of all ages and skill levels. Whether you’re an experienced player or just looking to immerse yourself in this exciting sport, Pickleball Europe Club is the place to be.

Visit their website at pickleball-club.com to discover the vibrant world of pickleball that awaits you in Malaga.
Contact: Miguel Aróstegui, Director. Tel 622 04 23 42

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  1. I am in Malaga now for a month and want to find out if you have an option for me to join in on other people playing so I can play with others. Otherwise I would consider taking a lesson.

    Estoy en Málaga desde hace un mes y quiero saber si tienes la opción de unirme a otras personas para poder jugar con otros. De lo contrario, consideraría tomar una lección.

    Thank you


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